Lesson 4: Introduction to Case page

Lesson 4: Introduction to Case page

When you select a case in the dashboard or in the search result of the case section, you get to the case page. On the case page you can:

  • Edit the application (but still download the original application that has been sent by the applicant under Actions)
  • Choose who is responsible for the case and/or assign it to someone else
  • Choose which board meeting it should be assigned to
  • Edit available fields (remember the administrator can delete, add and edit fields so they match your needs for case administration)
  • Change status of the case

What is very important is that you can change the status of the case. For instance: set a board meeting. This is the actual workflow and will end up in a granted or rejected application at the end. Default statuses in the system that you can choose from are:


Submitted (New case)

Set to board meeting


Granted and approved


Returned to applicant for more info

Post grant status flow for granted cases:

Payment details and payment plan created

Payment details and payment plan approved

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