Lesson 3: Introduction to the Caseworker section

Caseworker section is where all the administration of applications takes place. On the dashboard, you get a quick overview of the communication with applicants and a list of applications you are administering.

Lesson 3: Introduction to the Caseworker section

On the left of the dashboard, you can find an overview of the caseworker’s communication with applicants, as well as internal communication. In the right panel, you can locate a summary of all the on-going cases, grouped by status. At the bottom of the dashboard, you can see a quick overview of the cases assigned to you.

Hint: If you click on the status diagram bars, they will directly lead you to the search page. If you click on the messages, they will lead you directly to the respective case.

Lesson 3: Introduction to the Caseworker section

In the cases section you can find all the applications. You can easily find New cases, My Cases, All Cases and Cases at the next board meeting by clicking on the predefined buttons in the blue bar.

Define your own searches

In the search field you can search on all data for cases. You can also add filters to the search like category, board meeting, next board meeting, status, has received grant letter etc.

When you are happy with the search, you can save the search for future use as a private search for just you or for the other caseworkers as well.

Saved searches are very important to organise lists and reports for your daily use. For instance, you can create reports, like:

  • Applications for the next board meeting
  • Applications that are granted but not yet approved
  • Applications that are approved, but have not yet received grant letter
  • Applications granted in 2021 for a specific category

Hint: you can also choose which columns you want to add in the report. The chosen columns will also be saved with the saved search. You can export the list/report as PDF, Excel and CSV.

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