GrantControl makes it possible to assign different roles and access rights to people inside and outside of your organisation. Learn more about the roles below.


Administrator is a person who is responsible for carrying out the administration in your organisation.

Manages users and roles

Can create and edit application schemas

Has an overview of case workflow in the system

Can edit all texts, labels and help texts in the system

Can manage emails and letters in the system

Can manage budget, funding areas (categories) and fiscal years

Can manage board meetings (done by caseworker)

Can set up Azure AD login for the organisation


Applicant is a person who submits grant applications in your organisation.

Mobile and desktop compatible

Has access to My page with overview of applications, messages and letters

Can save applications as drafts before submitting

Can change language (multiple languages supported

Can follow economy on grants and request payments

Has access to status reports and grants

Gets notified when relevant

Case worker / Case Officer

Case worker is a person who is responsible for managing grant applications in your organisation.

Has access to dashboard with overview of cases, applicants and communication

Has access to quick search to find any case, searching in all fields

Has access to advanced search for cases

Can save searches to support workflows, internal reports and for further data mining

Can find applicants, see their historic applications, communicate with applicants etc.

Can organise applications in workflows making sure data is clean and consistent

Can set cases to board meetings, handle board meetings online

Can export agendas for the meetings and full PDF versions of all material for the Board

Can create grants and payments (Approved by Economy Responsible)

Can generate branded letters with signatures (grant letter, rejection letter etc.)

Can send messages to applicants

Sees all history on the application (who did what etc.)

Can create applications

Can make reports in advanced search, make advanced searches and save them

Has access to all documents on the application

Financial Manager

Financial Manager is a person who is responsible for the economy in your organisation.

Approves grants and payments

Can make bank payments

Has access to economy reports on grants and budget

Has access to economy reports on uncompleted grants and reimbursements

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