All-in-one solution for foundations, trusts and grantmakers

A grant management system that grows with your foundation, ready to use in a matter of minutes.

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So Intuitive, So Easy

GrantControl is an all-in-one software as a service.

All in one place

GrantControl is a system that helps you manage all of the crucial stages of the grant management process in one, easy to use dashboard.

Fully Customizable

You can customize almost everything in GrantControl - from modifying application forms and workflows, to adding your own branding in letter templates and editing all texts so that the terminology fits your organization exactly.

Fixed monthly cost

Are you tired of unforeseen expenses that come with managing grant? Thanks to a transparent pricing policy, with GrantControl you are aware of all the costs in advance.

Role management

With our built-in roles in the system, you can ensure that users are assigned roles in terms of case management, board, approvals and payments. Click here to learn more.

Board meetings

Planning and coordinating board meetings has never been easier. With GrantControl, you can plan, moderate and prepare everything for a board meeting and select exactly the cases and documents the board can see. The board can both see everything online and export all cases in one PDF and download the agenda for the meeting with an overview of all the cases.

Messages and letters

Use email response templates to accept, decline, or request more information from applicants. You can also leave messages for other members of your team. No need for your external mailbox to be involved!


Our solution enables you to use two factor authentication. Azure integration is also a possibility.

Payments management

Using our extended payment module you can create, manage and export all of your payments.

Nem-id authentication

Applicant can use a scan login with Nem-id authentication.

Advanced search

Use our advanced search option to build custom lists, reports and export them for further data mining.

Application workflow

Configure your review and approval processes for grants, payments and impact reports with unlimited gates and branches. The workflow doesn't fit your needs? We can build any workflow for you.

Support and consulting

We know that time is money. This is why our team is here for you in case you need help with setting up your system or want a new feature to be developed. Just use the contact form below and one of our team members will come back to you.

Document management

Import documents (forms, templates etc.) and share them internally and externally without a hussle.

And more

GrantControl will always be a modular system that allows you to set up the platform according to the fund's requirements, what whether it is visual effects or customised treatments. We build the platform according to exactly your needs.

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GrantControls makes it possible for small and mid-size foundations, trusts and grantmakers to manage grants in a way that helps them reach their potential.

Spend less time on administrative tasks and focus on what matters

Automate tasks, agreement creation and the communication process. Keep track of all the grants, their statuses and use notifications to never miss a deadline.

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All the information you and the grantees need. In one place.

Thanks to GrantControl, you can make all the information about the requirements, applications, updates, payments and reports easily accessible.

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